Be a Part of the Nationwide Movement of Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything it seems: work habits, education and even when we leave our homes! What hasn’t changed is Jesus’ calling to us - to extend the compassionate care and love of Christ to others.

16 Tips for Being a Good Neighbor

This is a huge opportunity to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus - to the people next door and across the street who are looking for hope in the midst of uncertainty. Imagine Christ-followers everywhere demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus during this outbreak. Imagine thousands experiencing that love and turning their lives to Jesus! Now is the time - let’s Be The Church!

Start a neighborhood Help/Serve Drive. Just like a food drive but asking if others need their dog walked, prescriptions picked up, grocery runs made, yard work or minor work done around their house, etc.

Shop local. We all know that restaurants and small businesses are suffering. As you can afford, choose to get take-out food from a local business - maybe even get extra for a neighbor. Or find out if anyon on your block owns a local business and consider how you could support it. Many businesses are asking people to buy gift certificates to bring in cash now so they can keep their doors open, consider this option.

Create care packages. (bottle of Gatorade, granola bar, orange or apple) for truckers, first responders, health care workers or even grocery store employees.

Invite your neighbors to play a board game online. (Make it a neighborhood game night! Connect via Facebook, Google hangouts, etc., and play a game.)

Create a directory of the families on your block so everyone can keep in touch.

Tools to Help Share God’s Love with Your Neighbors!

These resource packs have been created to help YOU be a carrier of hope. Start sharing God’s love with your neighbors using one of these packs:

12 Neighbor Door Hangers - Only $2.50 including shipping!

Each pack includes 12 door hangers to place on the homes of your neighbors. They come printed on both sides and are ready for you to write in your personal contact information on the front! You can also write in if you want to invite people over to watch online church with you. (Includes FREE download on how to practically show God’s love.)

Neighbor Outreach Kit - Only $15 Plus Shipping!

The personal Neighbor Outreach Kit provides you with 12 door hangers you can distribute to your neighbors plus a yard sign and H-stand stake to place in front of your home, letting your neighbors know that you are a resource for hope and help! You can write in any message and contact info you want on the yard sign and doorhangers including if you are hosting online church services.


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